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Elections Integrity

Douglas County Elections has a great program. All great programs have room for improvement. I believe Douglas County is facing an issue with voter confidence.

Many of our citizens are unaware of the extensive checks and balances within the system, which can lead to incorrect assumptions. I believe the Office of Clerk and Recorder needs to enhance educational opportunities to increase citizen confidence in the system and to reduce fear.

A common misconception relates to Automatic Voter Registration when a new Colorado resident obtains their driver's license. When the Elections Office receives new resident information, a letter is auto generated and mailed to the address on the driver’s license. If the letter is not returned, the voter registration is made “inactive.” Voters with an “inactive” status do not receive a ballot by mail. 

Additionally, I believe we should continue the education of our children by hosting civic education opportunities beginning in elementary school. I had the honor of going to Boston to receive a national award for our Student Election Judge Program in 2012. It was a highlight of my career to feature Douglas County Elections and the Douglas County School District on a national stage. I would like to expand the Student Election Judge Program for our high school students.

All Things Audits

As an advocate for change, I would like to initiate more community engagement as we build a better solution for election audits. Giving our citizens the opportunity for input will help to capture key areas for improvement. I will listen to your concerns and be an advocate for you at the table as we work together to make positive change by means of legislative or Secretary of State rule revisions.

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